Инструкция как работать с icom a

инструкция как работать с icom a
While it is fairly simple to install the SignaLink, it is possible to DAMAGE YOUR RADIO or the SignaLink by incorrectly installing it! Check your radio manual for availability of these features and add the appropriate jumpers. Summary: Learn how to set up and use your Icom M802 SSB/HAM & DSC radio the easy way! Sending and receiving all types of Digital Selective Calling transmissions is a breeze as it is described by the author in easy to read “English.” About the author: Capt Marti lives aboard and solos her 31’ Allmand sailboat, The Other Woman. Notes**On the original Orion, the «Audio» menu determines what audio is available on pins 4 and 6, so the SPKR jumper will need to be set accordingly. **On the Orion II, Pin #4 is ALWAYS the audio output. When installing the jumpers for the SignaLink USB using the settings shown here and in our other documentation, please disregard the PWR jumper (do NOT install it!). All other jumper settings are the same.

After you have installed the jumpers, be sure to set the sound card audio levels as outlined in the SignaLink manual. If you do not set the levels correctly, then the SignaLink may not transmit, and you might mistake the problem for incorrect jumper settings. You will need to use our SLCAB8R Mic cable and connect the SignaLink to the Mic jack instead. JP-1 Pin-outTigertronics manufactures a special cable for ICOM 13-pin Accessory Ports. Both will work just fine. TOP Tigertronics — All Rights Reserved | BayPac, SignaLink, and TigerTrak are trademarks of Tigertronics APRS is a trademark of Bob Bruninga | All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The Icom M802 Radio Manual for “Idi-Yachts” will teach you how to easily navigate the radio such as changing frequencies for voice transmissions, weather broadcasts or radio nets.

Jumper Wire Color — The jumper wires in the diagrams below are shown in color for illustrative purposes only. Check your radio manual for availability of these signals and add the appropriate jumpers. Диагностика автомобиля это в первую очередь диагностика двигателя, диагностика ходовой и диагностика электронных систем. See her website for more information on her books and for her seminar schedule. Very slick…Another nice feature is that is includes Six Meters.The fact you can attach two transceivers is also very nice. For any given radio, there are likely to be a different jumper settings for the Mic, Data and Accessory Port connectors.

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