Инструкция к smart 5 kg aa zanussi на русском языке

инструкция к smart 5 kg aa zanussi на русском языке
Set to “RGB” if the playback picture is distorted. Follow all instructions. Do not use this apparatus near water. 6) Clean only with dry cloth. 7) Do not block any ventilation openings. There is no sound. c Re-connect the connecting cord securely. c The connecting cord is damaged. c The player is in pause mode or in Slow-motion Play mode. c The player is in fast forward or fast reverse mode. For details, refer also to the instruction manual supplied with the TV/ projector, etc.

Normally select “DOLBY SURROUND.” DIGITAL OUT: Selects if audio signals are output via the DIGITAL OUT (COAXIAL)/ HDMI OUT jack. You cannot select this when “JPEG RESOLUTION” is set to “PhotoTV HD.” AUDIO (HDMI): Selects the type of audio signal output from the HDMI OUT jack. Diagnostics No Input a analog PC signal and connected cable(DPMS). Yes 1 Does the signal appear at R6034, R6035, R6034, R6032, R6033(R,G,B,H,V) of IC6003? No PC cable change a PC cable.

Принцип стирки: Combywash — сочетание полного погружения белья и деликатной стирки падающей сверху водой, система полоскания «Актива» (система прямого впрыска). УПРАВЛЕНИЕ: механическое (небольшая часть моделей), электронное (95% моделей). Панель управления символьная. Check the basic characteristics such as height, horizontal and vertical sync. 2. Use the specified test equipment or its equivalent. 3. Correct impedance matching is essential. 4. Avoid overload. Что делать, если необходимая инструкция пользователя отсутствует на сайте? Also use this menu to change the password. The increased internal temperature may cause fire. 4. Bend the external antenna cable when connecting it to the product.

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