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End wall of the Drawing Room, the next photograph is a detail of the watercolour by Harry More Gordon hanging on the right. Reinventing herself in Los Angeles, the author at last begins to recover the lost parts of herself, to heal and become whole. Nauman’s parents, Calvin and Genevieve, were solid, middle-class Midwesterners—Bruce was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana—with strong moral and ethical codes of behavior, which they imparted to Bruce and his two younger brothers, Craig and Larry. That’s how life works: Sometimes the unexpected becomes reality. I wasn’t ready for my son, but he was ready for me. Lisa Glover Dynamic Bus Shelter Lisa exhibited a model she conceived of a dynamic bus shelter in hopes that her design will be approved by the university and constructed at the current bus stop at Williams Hall. Harriet became a highly involved stepmother. “I was a little afraid of her at first,” Erik remembers. “She was quite emotional, the opposite of Dad.

And those people might converge by the hundreds on the Buena Vista resort, outside Orlando, Fla., to meet their YouTube heroes. Ileana Sonnabend, his Paris dealer and Castelli’s ex-wife, owed him a substantial sum for European sales, so he got her to buy him a classic Ferrari. His primary medium is sculpture, but he has used such a wide range of materials and media—including film, video, drawings, prints, performance, sound, and neon light—that his work has no signature style. Cambridge, 1974: A college dropout, I worked in an office with five other secretaries, all women longing for . . . something more, we didn’t know what. His company kept moving him to different cities when the boys were growing up, so they went to several different schools. THR brings together 34 of Jeanine Basinger’s now-famous ex-pupils for an A-list class reunion as former student Sam Wasson writes about learning under the legendary cinema scholar.
YouTube executives sometimes refer to such YouTube stars as having been “born on the platform”: they built careers through skillful use of YouTube itself. The family moved to Brooklyn when Ray was a young child. International Relations and Art History Major Packard 101 Victoria Herrmann International Relations and Art History Major Victoria Herrmann ’12 says she studies “for those who have lost their voice.” She is the recipient of the 2012 Percy Hughes Award for Scholarship, Humanity, and Social Change.

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