Схема на asus a52f

схема на asus a52f
Page 8 SAFE TEMP: This Notebook PC should only be used in environments with ambient temperatures between 5°C (41°F) and 35°C (95°F). DO NOT carry or cover a Notebook PC that is powered ON with any materials that will reduce air circulation such as a carrying bag. Page 91: Updating The Bios Updating the BIOS. Please verify the Notebook PC’s exact model and download the latest BIOS file for your model from the ASUS website and save it in your flash disk drive. The Notebook PC comes with a replaceable hard disk drive. Inserting an optical disc While the Notebook PC is on, press the electronic eject button to partially eject the optical drive tray.

Page 34 Left-click Right-click • In the Start screen, click an • In the Start screen, click an app to launch it. app to select it and launch the settings bar. Reattach and tighten the screw that you removed earlier. Use these options to customize Allows you to hide the desktop your power saving mode. Page 24 HDMI port This port is for the HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) connector and is HDCP compliant for HD DVD, Blu-ray, and other protected content playback. LAN port Insert the network cable into this port to connect to a local area network.

Battery Pack The battery pack is automatically charged when the Notebook PC is connected to an AC power source and… Page 19 Hard Disk Drive Compartment The hard disk drive is secured in a compartment. With HDMI support, the expansion possibilities are limitless, connecting to HDMI-capable TVs, consoles and entertainment systems. Use Reset your PC to restore your Notebook PC to its default settings. To access this during POST: Restart your Notebook PC then press during POST. Wait for Windows® to load the Choose an option screen then tap Troubleshoot. Two-color battery charge indicator The two-color LED provides a visual indication of the battery’s charge status. From the Start screen, you can also use this to revert back to a recently opened app. Вводя такую фичу, как «чипсетный» троттлинг процессора, разработчик утилиты, по всей видимости, руководствовался тем, что это принесет некоторую дополнительную пользу в плане продления времени работы ноутбука от батареи.

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