Инструкция по монтажу liebherr icbn 3056

инструкция по монтажу liebherr icbn 3056
Thanks to the energy labels, you can ­easily judge how energy efficient each model is. Therefore targeted search is easily done for Liebherr machines, spare parts and components. The desired parts can be ordered by clicking the mouse on the isometric drawing or by entering the item number.

Sophisticated lines* Whether it’s design or functionality that you are looking for, the Miele refrigeration range offers a broad spectrum of products to suit a multitude of lifestyle needs. The harmful substances previously used in the insulation material have been replaced with pentane and the coolant used now is isobutane R600a. This is an environmentally friendly natural gas which does not damage the ozone layer or increase the greenhouse effect. The dry compartment is excellent for sto­ring meat, fish, poultry and dairy pro­ducts. Miele’s Dynamic cooling system ensures that the air and humidity are circulated evenly, alleviating the problem of dried corks and guaranteeing a perfect bouquet. An active charcoal filter keeps the air inside the appliance fresh so your delicate wines cannot absorb unwanted odours. Clean, uninterrupted lines play an important part in creating the overall ­design of the appliance.

Here most ­appliances in the range are on display and one of our ­appliance experts will show you around and d ­ iscuss your requirements in depth. The online catalogue uses isometric diagrams as a basis. For full details please refer to the individual specifications. Glass shelving provides spill protection and has the additional benefit of helping maintain the interior temperature. A selected number of shelves in all Miele appliances are adjustable, enabling you to make the best use of the space available. These allow a visual inspection of the contents without the need to pull out the drawer. A frozen food marker system enables a further indication of the drawer contents.

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