Silent hunter 5 инструкция по стрельбе

silent hunter 5 инструкция по стрельбе
The escorts will investigate the explosion, which can buy you time to get away. I found this out accidentally when trying to sink an escort (one of 8) with a small angle-on-the-bow shot. After Hitler’s death, Doenitz was also in charge of Germany. In Ten Years and Twenty Days, Doenitz details the U-boat battle for the Atlantic, the wolfpack techniques he developed, and his battles with the rest of the Navy for resources and with Goering for air cover. Angle-solver dials showed the ordered gyro angle (at top) and the desired spread; the expected torpedo run was shown. Did I mention this is going to be ironman?

Once up you will have to deal quickly with the escorts. If they are not near you they can be baited into running at you. In this case a torpedo fired at a range of around 500 yards with a depth setting of 6-8 will be very effective. Use the deck gun only in great desperation, such as if you are forced to use «Sink the attackers» and you have lost your periscope. The chapters alternate between the viewpoints of Enright and the Shinano’s captain, which makes for a great blow-by-blow account. Be warned: The book is nearly fictional in some places. For that reason, even if you have a really good firing solution, I rarely if ever do long range shots with them. Torpedoes explode when they have travelled their maximum distance. Across from the index (1) on the outer wheel, we read the speed off the middle wheel. In this example, 9.4 yards per second. To convert this to knots, align the index (1) on the middle wheel with 5.70 on the outer scale.

Escort at 1500 yards will pass well clear.» You can see that on the chart screen with the scope down. To do this in Silent Hunter just switch to Manual TDC before dropping the scope. The optional expansion to it includes improved destroyer AI, various environmental effects, a new attack periscope, and probably some other crap that I’ve forgotten about. Журнал «Игромания» положительно отозвался о воссозданной разработчиками атмосфере военных сражений, тщательно проработанной симуляционной модели подводной лодки и существенно улучшенной в сравнении с предыдущими играми серии системе управления. The quality of your entries determines the quality of the torpedo firing solution. Критики удостоился искусственный интеллект, недостаточная оптимизация игрового движка и сложность освоения новичками. Surabaya was the target of an aircraft strike on May 17, 1944. Several submarines were ordered nearby for lifeguard duty and to attack any fleeing ships.

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